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MainGame 619

  1. What is this “MainGame 619” event?
    “MainGame 619” is an event for U Mobile’s prepaid users who subscribed to Game Field HTML5 Games for 3 weeks or more.

  2. How do I join the event?
    To join the event, you need to be subscribed to Main Game service via the portal or SMS by sending ON MGAME to 28282.

    To subscribe via portal, please go to this link:

  3. What is MainGame?
    AMainGame is a one stop HTML 5 portal where users can play unlimited HTML 5 games anywhere and anytime they want. The subscription to Main Game is RM3.00/week (exclusive of 6% GST) and no additional data charges is required.

  4. Is there any specific conditions in order to join the event?
    This event is open for U Mobile’s prepaid users only. Employees of U Mobie Sdn Bhd and Forest Interactive Sdn Bhd, their associated agencies, dealers, distributors, sponsors and immediate families may participate in this event but will not be eligible to be selected as winners.

  5. How long the event will run?
    The event will start from 1st September until 30th September 2016, for 1 month.

  6. What are the prizes for this “Main Game” event?
    We will be picking the Lucky subscribers based on acquired drive, such as: 50th subscriber, 75th subscriber, 100th subscriber and so on will received a Top Up worth RM30. The prize will be credited to winners’ account after 1 week of the winning date.

  7. How do I win the prize?
    Users have to subscribe to the service via the game’s portal. ( or SMS ON MGAME to 28282.

  8. What if I want to unsubscribe to the service?
    You can unsubscribe to the service by sending STOP MGAME to 28282. You can re-subscribe to the service if you want to join the event again.

  9. I have subscribed to the service and still do not receive anything. What should I do?
    Please ensure that your text messages inbox is not full. Or if that is the case, please clear up some storage in your inbox in order for the message to go after being subscribed.

  10. Will I receive any SMS if I accidentally turn off my phone?
    You will still be able to receive the SMS if your phone is off. However, this only applies within 24hours.

  11. May I win more than 1 prize from this event?
    Participants who are registered with more than one U Mobile prepaid account are only entitled to win one (1) prize.

  12. Is my device compatible for this service?
    All games can be played on most smartphones (Android & iOS). You need to enable the data connection to access MainGame.

  13. When will the winners for this event be notified?
    The winners’ notification will be posted.

  14. Is data usage charged?
    Yes, data will be charged based on the usage.

  15. May I exchange the prize into cash?
    Prizes are non-transferable and there is no cash alternative.

  16. Is there any GST applied on the subscription fee?
    No, the price published is exclusive of 6% GST.

General FAQ

  1. What is Main Game portal?
    Main Game is a one stop portal that is dedicated especially for UMobile subscribers with unlimited HTML 5 games. There are more than 30 games available in the portal and the numbers are growing with new and updated games.

  2. How do I play the games?
    You may subscribe to the portal for RM3/week. The games can be played on most smart phones as well on desktop. User need to ensure that they are connected to the internet to play the game.

  3. What are the phones compatible to play the games?
    The games can be played on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, IPad mini, iPod touch) version 3.0+ as well as android devices version 2.0+

  4. How many games can I play?
    You may play as many games as there are available in the portal. The portal will be updated weekly with at least 2 new games.

  5. Is the data usage charged?
    Main Game portal has already been suppressed – there will be no additional charges when accessing the portal.

  6. How do I stop the subscription?
    To unsubscribe to the service, you need to send STOP MGAME to 28282.

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