Metal guns fury

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Get your metal guns ready and engage in the best shooting and action arcade game. Its time to call your soldiers to do their duty as an army of renegade slugs has invaded an island and took control of it. Play with 4 brave soldiers an epic squad of glorious commandos heroes of previous war conflicts choose your weapons your vehicules (tanks mechas...) and attack the ennemy in destructing battles.Your soldiers will use their shooting skills in many battlefields (nite days indoor outdoor ...) but shooting only is not an option youll need to boost their capacities as the forces of the ennemys army will grow over and over. Make sure your soldiers guns booms the ennemies as more and more combatants will come to badly attack you.Engage your metal squad in amazing battles and blow up all the ennemy army troops. Save the people on the island rescue the hostages as they get prisonners within the ennemy vanguard defend the country and kill the ennemy commander in chief.Your avengers will participate in many different misssions:- Kill X ennemies in mega clash battles.- Kill X ennemies in less than X seconds.- Reach the helicopter rescue point (Capture the flag mode)- Reach the helicopter rescue point in less than X minutes- Defend the villagers- Endless combat (infinity kills)- Rescue the hostagesEngage in mega combats with different weapons such as knifes guns riffles shotguns flame throwers rocket launchers plasma guns M16 uzi MS2 ppkp mp5 ak47 tanks fighter planes .... and many more.Save the civils and survive in this fury riot... your goal is not to be missing in action... its guns glory !


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